C language is a very simple programming language , This is a middle level language which was developed in 1970s at Bell Laboratories by Dennis Ritchie. It has the concept of high level Language as well as the power of Low Level Language. The Whole “Unix ” operating system is designed using C Programming Language. C programming language was derived from “B” language  and the “B” language was derived from BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language).

Why Learn C Programming Language

  1. C Language is a most popular language is the world
  2. C Language is different syntax by Java , Python language according.
  3. C Language is very fast , very simple by Java , Python language according.

C language Important Topic

  1. Introduction

  2. Token

  3. Keyword

  4. Identifier

  5. Data Types

  6. Variable

  7. Constants/Literals.

  8. Operator.

  9. Format Specifiers

  10. Escape Sequences

  11. Conditional Statement

  12. Loop.

  13. Jumping Statement

  14. Typecasting

  15. Function

  1. Recursion 

  2. Arrays

  3. Pointer 

  4. Array and Pointer Arithmetic 

  5. Function Call by value vs Call by Reference

  6. Array to a Function

  7. Pattern 

  8. String

  9. Structure 

  10. Typedef.

  11. Dynamic Memory Allocation 

  12. Functions For Dynamic Memory allocation 

  13. Storage Class in C

  14. Void pointer

  15. Null pointer

  1. Dangling Pointer 

  2. Wild Pointer

  3. Function Pointers in C.

  4. Pre-processors

  5. #include &  #define

  6. Predefined Macros and Other Pre-processor Directives 

  7. File I/o in C

  8. File I/O Functions in C.

  9. File modes, fgets,fputs,fputc & more on C file handling.

  10. Command Line argument in C.

  11. Call Back Function

  12. Memory Leak in C.